Industry Research

This November 2010 report for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) - in collaboration with Birmingham and Cardiff Universities - maps the UK’s creative clusters. It shows where they are, which sectors form them, and what their role is in the systems of innovation where they are embedded.

In-depth research produced for Thinkbox by Deloitte on issues impacting on the TV sector, based on interviews with senior industry executives and a detailed survey of 4,000 members of the UK public in June 2011.

The Creative Media Workforce Survey conducted by Skillset aims to provide accurate information on working patterns, current and future skills development needs, existing provision of learning or skills development, barriers experienced to receiving learning or skills development, and demographics of those employed in the Creative Media Industries

Research jointly commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport into the difficulties the creative industries face in garnering finance, in comparison to other similarly-sized industries.

Academic Research

Exploring a wide range of genres, this project explores how studio and location spaces informed television production and style in the UK from 1955-94. The 3-year, AHRC-funded project brings together researchers from the Universities of Reading, Leicester and Glamorgan.

Researching British television (1947-89) made by, and for, women, this 3-year AHRC-funded project brings together academics from De Montfort University and University of Warwick, in order to shed light on programmes and programme-makers often written out of history.

This research group, comprising academics and postgraduates from the University of Leeds, examines cultural production, policy and regulation, and currently houses a 2-year AHRC-funded research project exploring UK cultural policy under New Labour.

Working in the Industry

BAFTA's Guru site contains in-depth interviews with many professionals from the television industry, including those in comedy such as Miranda Hart, Kayvan Novak, and Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

Housed at the Carsey-Wolf Center at UCSB, this ongoing work explores new media, globalisation and creative labour, via a range of projects including interviews with media professionals, analysis of programming, and discussion of topics such as worker protection and new technologies.

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